Thursday, July 31

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13-Inning Drama Sees Stash Roll to $120k in August

What a great month we saw with July. Typically, July is the slowest month on Streak for the Cash, but with the World Cup final and plenty of great streaks, we were treated to a nice remedy to the "Dog Days" of Summer. We may have had 17 streaks of W20 or greater, but all eyes were fixed on a lone W24 on the final night of July. Jonathan H. of Fitzgerald, GA was a single win from taking home $100,000 (he had already locked up the $20,000 Longest Streak). Many waited throughout the final day to see what Jonathan would pick, and when 7 pm ET rolled around, we all knew. He had selected the Orioles to defeat the Angels for all the marbles. It was a pick that made sense for him, seeing as he was 17-3 in MLB picks for July heading into it. The game was scoreless for the regular 9 Innings or play, so extra innings would decide whether or not the big bucks would be handed out in July. Baltimore threatened a couple of times, but in the Top of the 13th Inning, Albert Pujols singled in the only run of the game, and thus, ended the great streak of W24. It was an exciting finish to the month, and now, all of you have a chance to play for $120,000 in August! Congrats to Jonathan and everyone who put together great streaks in July.

The "Most Wins" competition came down to the final day as usual, but this time, each prop on the final day eliminated at least one entry with its result. Our eventual winner was Peter S. of Brookfield, WI, who reeled off 130 wins. The next closest entry finished with 128 wins, so the $10,000 was wrapped up with a couple of picks to go. Congrats to Peter a well-played month.

Best of luck in August to everyone and remember, a year-high $120,000 is up for grabs this month! Each of our winner's got on a hot streak to win their large prize, so why not you? Just only takes one time to get lucky! Good luck!

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Monday, June 30

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Original $20,000 June winner ineligible; Washington resident vaults into 1st Place

The original June winner has been declared ineligible thus making Jimmy S. of Bellevue, WA the champion by default after his A Kid Named BIlly entry finished the month in second place with a W23. Perhaps the most intriguing aspect of Jimmy's incredible run was that his Streak was already in the rebuilding process by June 14th following England's failure to at minimum draw Italy in the group stage of the FIFA World Cup, forcing him to sweat more than half the month in constant fear of another eclipsing his fantastic achievement. As it turns out someone did exactly that in the 11th hour in the final day of June, and as difficult as that must have been for him to swallow he was once again restored to the champions podium after the disqualification occurred. Jimmy takes home $20,000 for his efforts so congratulations to him!

The "Most Wins" competition was a battle all month long, so much so that when the chips were down and there were no props left to pick the top two entries both changed their Streak entry names to congratulate one another on putting forth such a great effort. Now that's sportsmanship! Of course there can only be one winner, and because Josh V. of Ewa Beach, HI came out on top he goes down in the history books as a two-time winner of the event, having accomplished the same feat back in July of 2012. In that month he took home $2,500; this time around he quadruples his take and nets a cool $10,000 for grinding it out and edging his competition after the top two entries tied at 127 wins apiece, needing the win % tiebreaker to crown him champion.

Best of luck in July to everyone and remember, a year-high $100,000 is up for grabs this month! If you want the cash, what's stopping you? Plan your strategy, make your picks and pray to the Streak gods for good fortune!

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Saturday, May 31

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Arizona resident wins in May; Stash worth $80,000 in June 

A W24 taking home the $20,000 is quickly becoming a trend on Streak. For the second straight month the winner came up one shy of qualifying for the Stash, which is great news for everyone except Tim B. of Tempe, AZ. He continued the trend of coming up just short of the big money as his Tbataska entry's W24 fell when the Blue Jays (a -127 favorite) lost to the Royals last night. What's most remarkable about his run is that Tim chose a staggering 14 straight MLB matchups correctly, something that any veteran streaker will tell you is nearly impossible to do. Taking these matchups almost exclusively for the majority of his run it's no surprise that he fell on an MLB game, but at least his Streak lived and died on a sport he clearly felt comfortable picking.

Now holding the top spot with his inactive W24, Tim looked on as the closest competitor Tomaguchi10 put his W23 on line with the LA Kings (-155) in Game 6 of the Western Conference Finals. In what must have been a wild up and down night for Tim, the LA Kings lost a 4-3 thriller to all but cement him into winning the $20,000 May prize. This afternoon it became official as the only challenger left saw their W20 go down, so despite losing his chance at the Stash Tim still goes home a huge winner. Congratulations!

The "Most Wins" competition was interesting for a few reasons, none of which included the race being even mildly competitive during the final week. Alex C. of Los Angeles, CA dominated May for most of the month with his linemover80 entry, pulling away from the competition with a week or so to go and never looking back. If that name sounds familiar it's for a good reason - Alex was our April 2013 "Play Against Flo" winner! Even more impressive are his all-time Streak statistics; as of now he is in the top 100 all-time for total wins with 5,084. Alex is one of the most dedicated streakers the game has ever known and now has $10,000 of cold hard cash to back up his "Streak-cred" (terrible, I know). This month he racked up 134 wins so congratulations to Alex on yet another fantastic achievement.

Good luck in June to everyone and remember, a year-high $80,000 is up for grabs this month! So set your alarms, research your matchups and as always thank you for playing Streak for the Cash!

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Streak Music Video Contest: Winner & Finalists

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When it was decided to offer the music video contest back in March there was a lot of apprehension around Streak headquarters. Even with hundreds of thousands of people playing the game each month, the question "Do any Streakers have musical skills?" loomed in the back of our minds. But the answer - as proven by the the Finalists listed below - was a resounding "Yes!". Determining a single winner among them was no easy task and sparked much debate as each of the Finalists was worthy of winning in their own way. However there could only be one, so below are the final results as determined from the judging panel. Thank you to everyone who submitted a video and feel free to tweet your opinions on how we ranked the field to @ESPNStreak.

1st Place (95 points): Sporting an 80's theme this high-energy quartet from Gainsville, FL finished on top in large part to earning the most performance points possible. The catchy chorus of "Streak for the Cash.... Climbing up the leaderboard" has been stuck in our heads since we first viewed it and their production was top notch across the board. For their efforts they win the choice of an XboxOne, Ps4 or a GoPro Hero3+. Not sure how they'll divide it though...

2nd Place (93 points): Our runner-up received several first-place votes for his "wolf time" story which scored top points in overall quality. His "On Streak for the Cash.... Your streak never last" chorus is so catchy we've found ourselves humming it around the office on multiple occasions.

Tied 3rd Place (89 points): This excellent animated short from Los Angeles scored high across the board. If we had to pick one video to capture the essence of the game this would be it. "W1, W2, W3... I think I'm on a streak" is brilliant. And, in terms of originality this gem scored top points and reminded us just how talented our fans really are.

Tied 3rd Place (89 points): While we got a bit lost in the storytelling part, there is no denying the creative genius on display here. He encapsulated everything we strive for with Streak, referencing the endless sports we include, the functionality of the game and he even managed to throw in an Adam Schefter reference. Well done!

5th Place (88 points): Like Slappy's, this video proved to be polarizing among the judges - some loved it, some didn't. Arguably the best story of them all, it scored high points for originality with the use of multiple instruments - namely a banjo, an electric piano, a guitar and even a basketball - yes, a basketball.

6th Place (87 points): This video rocked a great hip-hop vibe, a catchy tune of "Sometimes I win and sometimes I lose...." but fell a bit short in production value when compared to a few of the videos that ended up finishing higher on the list.

7th Place (86 points): Who doesn't love seeing a slo-mo video of a grown man riding a tricycle in a clear attempt to mock a rapper cruising in his beloved sports car? Like so many of the others this song had an incredible catchy chorus ("I was so close until Melbourne beat West Coast") which FYI is a reference to an Australian Rules Football game that never did happen on Streak but that our entrant thought sounded catchy. And to his credit, it absolutely did.

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Wednesday, April 30

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Pennsylvania gets another winner; $60,000 up for grabs in May

We began the month introducing our Streak Video Contest, and if we ran it again in May, many Streakers might be singing the "Streak Blues" or the "Nothing But Red Rap" because overall, it was rough April for a lot of you. However, there's always some glimmer to give everyone hope they will eventually come out on top as Streak Champion.

The glimmer of hope came in the face of Austin P. of Pipersville, PA, who put together a masterful W24 with his SF Austin Petrie entry, and picked well enough to hold the higher win % over another W24, to win $20,000. In a strange month where game and prop favorites were dropping left and right, Austin began a meticulous run on April 5. His streak spanned over much of the month before finally ending on April 23 when the Miami Heat did not win by double digits over the Bobcats. Ironically, that same prop made things very interesting because Kevin H. (goldsoundz01) reached a W24 as well by taking the Bobcats. The very next day though, he would also fall short of qualifying for the Streak Stash when the Indiana Pacers lost to the Atlanta Hawks.

A few other entries made a push for the longest streak, but could never quite get close enough, and all fell to the side. With one day left, the Streak board was loaded with enough props for a single W19 to make a run and sneak away with the Stash. After winning the morning prop, the now W20 took a chance with Chelsea at home against Atletico Madrid in the Champions League Semifinals. Madrid netted a 3-1 win, thus eliminating the final threat to Austin's W24. Being so close to an extra $20,000 had to hurt, but seeing your streak hold up for the initial $20,000 is no small consolation.

The "Most Wins" competition was exciting as usual and came down to the final prop of the month (we swear you can't script this stuff) and the final day saw quite the battle between a handful of Streakers. Our eventual winner was Kao T. with 117 wins...but it wasn't easy. Kao's entry went back and forth with HoustonTexans26 entry the whole day. On the final prop, Kao took "0 or 1 Goals" to be scored in the 1st Period of the Sharks/Kings Game 7. Trailing by 1 win, HoustonTexans26 took "2 or More Goals" and would've had the higher win %. A third entry, rjb1206 had an outside chance trailing by 1 win as well, but needed to have both the others ahead take the opposite. It didn't happen and they ended up finishing second with 116 wins. Congratulations to Kao on a great month and a well-earned $10,000! Good luck in May to everyone and thank you as always for playing Streak for the Cash!

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Monday, March 31

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$40,000 Stash Falls in March; Back-to-Back Monthly Wins Champion is Crowned

The final day of March, 2014 on Streak paralleled a fantastic scene from the 2007 Best Picture winner "No Country for Old Men" in which the central antagonist Anton Chigurh asks a gas station employee to call the results of an impending coin toss.

Anton Chigurh: What's the most you ever lost on a coin toss?

Gas Station Proprietor: Sir?

Anton Chigurh: The most. You ever lost. On a coin toss.

Gas Station Proprietor: I don't know. I couldn't say.

Anton Chigurh: Call it.

Gas Station Proprietor: Look, I need to know what I stand to win.

Anton Chigurh: Everything.

Heading into this morning our eventual $40,000 March winner Bradford O. found himself tied for the longest Streak of the month, but because his entry had the worse winning percentage (the first tiebreaker) he knew he had to make just one more pick to lock up the prize money. Thus, he found himself in the predicament of the gas station employee, needing to make a nearly 50/50 call to come out victorious. Except Bradford knew the stakes. In the film those stakes are something much more sinister, but luckily here at Streak you can only win or break even. Taking the Nationals, a -170 favorite, to get an Opening Day road win, things looked bleak early when the Mets took a 3-0 1st Inning lead. Despite battling back, the Nationals found themselves down 5-4 with 2 outs and 3-2 count in the top of the 9th, a lone strike away from losing the game. To Bradford's delight they drew a clutch walk and followed it up with a base hit, sending the game to extras tied at 5. Anthony Rendon then blasted a 3-run HR in the 10th, and after withstanding a bottom inning charge, the Nationals earned themselves an Opening Day win and made Bradford $40,000 richer. Luckily if someone ever asks him what's the most he's ever lost on a coin toss, Bradford might have to ponder it for a moment like the gas station employee did, and most importantly he won't have to say a small fortune.

The "Most Wins" competition was won for a second straight month by Max C. who takes home the $10,000 prize and has now firmly rooted himself into Streak legend alongside the all-time most wins leader Jeremy M., the only other person to ever accomplish this feat. Pretty good company to find yourself in, eh? Congratulations to Max on repeating and taking home the cash in back-to-back months! Good luck in April to everyone and thank you as always for playing Streak for the Cash!

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Friday, February 28

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Michigan resident wins $60,000 in February with the Highest Streak of All-time

February is one of the coldest months of the year, but here at Streak things started off hot and never cooled down from day one. Ten different entries racked up winning streaks of 25 or More, including the eventual $60,000 winner as Duke Y. of Comstock Park, MI set the record for the highest Streak of all-time, an unbelievable W35. A few details about the record setting streak; it began on February 6th and lasted until the final day of the month February 28th, the streak is remarkably still active and only ends because the month has come to a close, seven different sports were picked during the run and it also barely survived after Michel Mulder edged fellow countryman Jan Smeekens by 1/1000th of a second for the Gold in the 500m Olympic Speed Skating event back on February 10th. Congratulations to Duke for going down in Streak legend and besting over five million others throughout the years.

The "Most Wins" competition was as intense as any in recent memory, and now with the new and improved $10,000 prize on the line it's only fitting that such high drama surrounded the contest in its final hours this month. Jon R. of Charlotte, NC had a three win lead over closest competitor Max C. of Buffalo Grove, IL at the start of the day, but simply put February 28th, 2014 wasn't Jon's day. He ended February on a month-worse L7, forfeiting a Cavaliers over Jazz pick in the 1st Quarter that would have ended up winning him the $10,000 for a chance to take the final prop of the month after the Jazz got off to an early lead. Now tied at 124 wins, he owned the tiebreaker of best winning percentage and needed to either select the same thing as Max or to win the prop; either option would have ensured him the prize. On the Warriors @ Knicks 3rd Quarter total Points o/u prop Jon ended up taking 51 or Fewer (the vegas favorite as their line was 49) and Max took 52 or More. When 54 points were scored Max had completed a highly improbable comeback at the hands of an epic and unfortunate collapse by someone who otherwise had an incredible month. Congratulations to Max on sweating it out and taking home the cash! Good luck in March to everyone and thank you as always for your continued dedication to ESPN Fantasy!

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Friday, January 31

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New York resident wins $20,000 in January

Any month that has its fate decided by the outcome of the final prop is one to be cherished in Streak history, and January 2014 claimed its rightful place tonight after the drama that ensued. Going back a bit further in the month, W20 seemed to be the threshold that no streaker could reach as eight people that had W19s all tried and failed to get their elusive 20th win in a row. Finally, with less than 10 days remaining in the month, a plethora of high streaks came onto the scene, including the two entries that ended up battling it out tonight for $20,000. The first, Taylor B. of Annapolis, MD, seemed to be in excellent position after taking a literal pick 'em (according to Vegas) with Rider over St. Peter's and getting a W23 following their 71-53 blowout win. Left with only two props to choose from on the board, Taylor decided to select the USA women's national team to beat Canada by 2+ goals in an international friendly, knowing that if he won the $20,000 was guaranteed to be his by virtue of the highest win % tiebreaker (he was 23-1-1 at the time). Simultaneously the second competitor, George S. from Elmira, NY, rode the Thunder to an easy and stress free 120-95 win over the Nets for his 24th consecutive win. George and Taylor were then left to watch with what must have been great anticipation as the USA couldn't get the result they needed for a Streak victory, winning the game 1-0 and thus making George the $20,000 January winner! The "Most Wins" competition was won by Michael B., who gets the honor of winning the first ever $10,000 prize for his 125 wins in January. Congratulations to both George and Michael!

Although 2014 brought with it some major changes on Streak, the game you know and love has never been more popular thanks to everyone's continued dedication to ESPN Fantasy and your love for sports. We encourage you as always to tell everyone you know about the pleasures of streaking in order to ensure the game's continued success and stability as we move forward in this new year together. Good luck in February; now go get that stash!

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