Sunday, May 31

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W29 Crushes the Competition; $1 Million Up for Grabs in June

We couldn't be prouder of the fact that Streak for the Cash is officially going global! We've now had back-to-back months where a non-US resident has taken home the grand prize; in April the victory went to Canada and now in May it goes to Mexico! Alejandro G.  was making a serious run at the $1 Million dollars before the Cubs ended his streak at an impressive W29. Over the next two weeks a challenger or two rose to within striking distance but in the end this was one of the more cut and dry months we've seen in recent memory - Alejandro won by a margin of five as no one else was able to reach a W25. Congratulations to Alejandro on becoming the first ever resident of Mexico to take down the longest Streak prize! He earns a cool $30,000 for his efforts.

Just like last month, the "Most Wins" contest was chalk full of excitement and with $10,000 on line we know the two competitors battling it out were feeling the heat. Only minutes ago Dennis U. of Oxnard, CA prospect's were looking bleak. Both him and his competitor found themselves at 124 wins - Dennis had the Sounders picked and the opposition had selected the Giants. With the Sounders tied 1-1 in stoppage time and the Giants up 5-3 in the bottom of the 8th it looked like he was going to find himself a pick down with only one window left. Then some classic Streak magic happened. The Braves began to rack up infield singles before blowing the game open and tallying four runs in the top of the 9th to take a 7-5 lead. At almost the exact same time Clint Dempsey netted a beautiful goal in stoppage time to put the Sounders up 2-1! Those scores held and because Dennis had the better winning percentage and the 1-win lead the contest was over - Dennis had just gone from despair to glory in a matter of moments. Congrats to him on winning $10,000! As I'm sure he'd attest, when you play Streak you always find yourself in the middle of the action.

If you achieved at least a W10 in May be on the lookout for an email from us over the next week or so as 100 random winners will each be awarded 100 Winner's Circle points. Those points can be used to purchase some awesome prizes so be sure not to miss out if you're one of the lucky ones. Good luck in June!

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Thursday, April 30

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W28 Easily Wins $30,000; $1 Million Returns For May

It's a pretty rare occasion when a Streak for the Cash contestant can rest on the final few days of a month. April was something we here at Streak HQ haven't seen in some time when James C.  of Canada put together his W28. The W28 is not a record or anything. We've seen W28's before. But this run was fun to watch and see it stay on top despite being halted with nine days left in the month. Nobody ever got close to catching him; going against the usual narrative for the last week of a month where multiple late pushes typically show up.

James' streak began on April 7 with a victory by the Ottawa Senators. Maybe the most impressive part of his streak was when he reach W20. Historically, our contestants have played it slow once hitting a W20+ because they are in the area of what usually wins each month. But that $1 million prize for a W40 may have been the real focus of James. He made 8 picks in 5 days, including three on April 18 alone. Mind you, these picks are not designed to be easy, but James showed zero fear and kept going with the hot streak. On the morning of Arpil 22 though, his luck had finally run out. Taking Jo-Wilfried Tsonga to win 2-0 over Marcel Granollers was a gutsy pick with Tsonga's current form and Granollers clay-based game (tournament was the Barcelona Open, which is played on clay). Granollers took the 1st Set and that was the end of the fantastic run. A big congratulations goes out to such a streak, as many who have played this game for some time can tell's not easy. In fact James' run of 28 straight was immediately followed up with a loss of 8 straight. That's just how Streak for the Cash goes.

Only two other entries were really within earshot of James. A pair of W25's. However, one of them lost later that same night that James lost, while the other fell the following day. Aside from those two contestants, several W23's were next in line as the closest to snag the $30,000 prize.

The real drama was reserved for the "Most Wins" contest. Daniel G. of Malden, MA held on to win the $10,000 prize by 1 game. Heading into the five NFL Draft props on April 30, Daniel held a 1-game lead over the eventual runner-up. The pair of competitors ended up mirroring their picks and Daniel would finish with 128 in the end. Congrats on the great win goes out to him.

With May comes a new chance to find that elusive W40 for $1 million. We want to see history over here at Streak HQ, so get rested up and ready to rock this month! We've also got a great May 2nd Showdown Saturday stunt for $10,000. That's right, put together the longest streak that day alone, and take home $10k. Same rules apply for the "Longest Streak" contest and the "Most Wins" contest. So $30,000 and $10,000 will be up for grabs in those respective contests. Finally, keep an eye out over the next week or two if you achieved at least a W10 in April. 100 of you will be drawn at random to win 100 Winner's Circle points. Those points can be used to purchase items in ESPN's Winner's Circle. Thank you for your dedication to Streak and good luck in May!

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Discussion Boards Will Be Unavailable During Upgrade

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Our Discussion Boards Will Return Shortly

Effective Tuesday night, April 14th all of the Streak for the Cash discussion boards will become unavailable for an unknown amount of time while they undergo an upgrade. We know how important these chat boards are to many of our loyal fans and that's why they're being revamped - to give you a better experience while playing Streak.

We'll do everything in our power to make the transition as fast as possible but as of now we cannot give an estimated amount of time before they will be up and running again. Please direct all of your questions to @ESPNStreak; we'll be happy give you status updates and of course any announcements regarding the status of the boards will be made via that account.

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Tuesday, March 31

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W27 takes $30,000 in March; $1 Million Prize in April

One of the best parts of being the StreakMaster is getting a chance each and every month to notify the winner that they've earned a huge cash prize. Today was one of those great days as I had the pleasure of letting Robert M. know that he had locked up $30,000 for amassing a remarkable W27 in March. Robert had the patience to build those 27 straight wins from March 2nd all the way until this morning, March 31st, when an international soccer friendly finally bested him. Yes you read that correctly, his streak lasted almost the entire month! That is the definition of the so-called long haul, going about it with the utmost planning, patience and perhaps even drawing on a bit of luck along the way. After hitting his W27 a few challengers came into contention and were nipping at his heels only to fall victim to the classic strategy of being pushed to action by the leader's phantom pick. We've seen this strategy employed before, and with great success.

If you're unfamiliar here's how it works: the leader makes a pick so that it registers "pick selected" next to their name on the leaderboard, only to then switch that pick when it is about to lock to something on tomorrow's board in a continuous cycle as the days pass. Because the leaderboard only displays it as "pick selected" no one knows what their pick actually is, therein forcing the challengers to select props more quickly than otherwise desired in fear of falling too far behind the leader. Robert employed this strategy like a true pro, and when everyone else had fallen only he was left standing with his W27. If you ever find yourself in such fortuitous circumstances on Streak, perhaps consider employing a similar strategy. Congratulations to Robert on taking home a huge payday!

Another congratulations goes out to Jason B. of Creston, IA for coming up one win shy of tying the all-time record for "Most Wins" in a month with 153! This was a difficult month in terms of our prop selection, so to accomplish a feat such as this one a midst the challenges of March was pretty incredible (in our humble opinion).

Now, let's turn our sights towards April! As many of you may have noticed the props were slightly more difficult in March then they had been in previous months. In the hopes of transparency that's because we're offering a $1 Million prize for the longest streak of W40 or above for the second month in a row, and to offer such a prize we need to keep the props consistent and fair from day one until the end. That way if someone discovers Streak in the middle of the month they can play with the same relative difficulty level as someone who started from the beginning, therein keeping the playing field fair and level. So as much as we'd love to put one on the board, unfortunately there won't be any "free greens" this month - we're simply not allowed. And despite that slight bit of bad news, we're hoping the $1 Million offering should keep everyone sufficiently challenged and satisfied in April. Good luck!

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Saturday, February 28

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Mad Dash Wins $30,000; March Offers $1 million Prize

The cold winter months always need something to make time pass. Streak provided a great race to follow in January and the last few days of February didn't disappoint either.

The month was casual and just rolling along with a few W20's here and there. Then along came Jordan E. with a streak that just kept growing in size. It started on February 3, but by February 20, he had hit a W25. Things didn't stop there, and he just kept winning. Things reached levels only few have seen on Streak when he reached W30. It came to an end on the 22nd when Northwestern defeated Indiana at home. But with a W30 and nobody in sight, the $30,000 looked like a sure thing.

Joe P. won a soccer game on February 10. It was just a typical Tuesday on Streak, but little did any of us (and probably Joe as well) know, but that win would be the seed planted in the ground, due to become a towering giant. He quickly put together a W10 in two days, and when the W30 fell, Joe had a nice W19 staring him in the face. Could he really get 11 more in a row though? One step at a time, he built the streak. A W25 on February 26 and a W28 at the end of the 27th.

February 28. The final day of the month. Joe began the day taking Roger Federer to win at least 1 set against world #1 Novak Djokovic at the Dubai Duty Free Championship Finals. Federer took the 1st Set (he eventually won the match too) and moved our challenger to within 1 of the leader. However, he did not own the tiebreaker for better win %, so winning two more matchups in a row was needed to complete the amazing comeback. His next game was the #11 Wichita State Shockers playing at home against the #10 Northern Iowa Panthers. UNI had beaten WSU by 16 a few weeks earlier, but the Shockers won the MVC crown in dominating fashion by 14 points. W30. It all came down to one more pick, and low and behold, he chose the Vanderbilt Commodores to win at home against Alabama. Things didn't look so good at halftime with Bama leading by 11. The start of the 2nd Half though was a sight to behold for Joe, as Vandy poured it on in bunches. They would gut out the win and hand $30,000 to the man from Batavia, OH.

Congratulations Jamison S. of Fort Myers, FL for joining an elite club of winning the "Most Wins" contest twice! He won back in October '12, but that was only for $2,500. His 126 wins this time garnered him a cool $10,000!

The big news we kept promising was BIG indeed. The challenge is on and for those who want to accept it, a W40 will win you $1,000,000 in March (April will be the same)! Same rules apply. You must reach W40 and win the month (tiebreakers, etc.) to claim the prize. The longest streak still wins $30,000 regardless. There's also a Stunt Day for the first Thursday of the NCAA Tournament. Good luck to all!

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Saturday, January 31

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Wild Month Ends in Dramatic Fashion for $30,000

Pause. Take a deep breath. Collect your thoughts. And regroup for February. It's definitely needed after the most insane month we've ever had on Streak. January 2015 will go down as the most successful month for Streakers to date after 10 streaks of at least W30 and over 100 streaks of W22 or more! Top that off with the "Most Wins" contest record being absolutely obliterated (previous record was 143, and we had 2 entries beat that and 1 tie it.

Let's start with the $30,000 "Longest Streak" contest though, because it will not be forgotten. The month started out with a New Year's Day stunt, so naturally we already had plenty of good-looking streaks right out of the gates. Little did we know what kind of Pandora's Streak Box had been opened... By mid-month, we already had 50+ streaks of W20 or greater, and the avalanche kept coming. Greens aplenty were flying around, and at one point a pair of W29's sat atop the leader board. We thought here at Streak HQ that one of those two would probably win. Yeah... let's just say we missed a bit on that prediction. W28's and W27's came out of nowhere, and shortly after that, some ballooned to W30. Over the last week of January, we glanced at the leader board and we had 5 at W30 or above (with 5 more to come).

As usual though, the contest came down to the final 24 hours, where several players stood a chance to take home the big prize. A few were trimmed after suffering defeats, but at 8 pm ET on January 31st, we had a W33 and 3 W32's with one final pick by each. To get things started Joe M. (W32) took Duke, who was a 5.5 point underdog, to win at undefeated Virginia. Gutsy. Meanwhile our W33, Tony C., took a solid home favorite in the Washington Wizards, who were 5-point favorites.

Virginia stormed out in the 2nd Half and controlled the game against Duke, frustrating the Blue Devils with their tenacious defense. The Cavaliers led by 11 with just under 10 minutes to play. Duke, trailing by 8 with under 5 (and yet to hit a 3), began lighting up the scoreboard. Making 4 3-pointers in the final 3:22, Duke stunned Virginia and gave Joe an improbable win.

As that game ended, the Wizards were staring at a 15-point halftime deficit. Things looked even more grim for Tony as Toronto held a 16-point lead (stretched to 18) to start the 4th Quarter. But in true Streak style, Washington caught fire in a way that would make the Sega NBA Jam announcer lose his voice. Suddenly a 3-point game with under 30 seconds left and the Wizards with the ball brought the tension to its highest peak. The savior for Tony showed up in the form of Paul Pierce, who nailed a 3-pointer with 25 seconds left to force OT. It would be short-lived though after the Raptors were too much in the extra period, winning, 120-116.

The other two W32's had picks, but it wouldn't matter because Joe's winning percentage was better than Tony's, as well as the other two (one won to reach W33, while the other lost). So $30,000 was won on Tiebreaker #1 (higher win %) by Joe over two others. Just amazing!

Congratulations Ian D. of Deerfield, IL, who smashed the previous record for most wins in a month (143) by racking up an unreal 154 victories to win the $10,000 prize. Congrats on the huge accomplishment!

February will be played just like January was. $30,000 to the longest streak and $10,000 for the most wins. We are preparing something big for March that you all might really be interested in. But you will just have to wait and see...

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Most Streak Wins in 2014 List

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Most Streak Wins in 2014

Rank Entry Name Total Wins in 20144
2 #3#5#2 Feva Beta thn JP 1403
3 (27) 1384
4 linemover80 Entry 1378
5 (IS3, SS)CHEL53A 1374
6 (MP) Groovy UV (27) 1359
7 (MP) WhatWouldFloDo? 1358
9 (TDS) ChArM CiTy FaM  1349
10 (MP) Happy New Year (27) 1347
11 (MP) disgruntledirishkid  1347
12 Redskins & Rams(VCU) 1344
13 BartledooCa(MP)grounds 1343
14 msarnold678 Entry 1343
15 Green Collector  1334
16 TEST  for  ECHO 1332
17 (MP) Serby The Greek 1329
18 ADTheBrow23 Entry 1329
19 myers_j_714 Entry 1323
20 jaymc46 Entry 1322
21 Let's Go Islanders 1322
22 cbartok20 1317
23 Wahoowa 1317
24 (A.S.) Turtwig (M.P.) 1309
25 donut_shop Entry 1309
27 jkbobo23 Entry 1306
28 That's Too Much, Man! 1304
29 Go Crew Go 28 1303
30 Tanks room Prince 1302
31 FargoSlim 1302
32 Oakenshield 1301
33 (27) bdegiova 1300
34 tarheels44226250 Ent 1299
35 Olen_24 1296
36 (TDS)TRIMBLE + WELLS 2gud 1296
37 UConnBuffalo 1295
38 Chitown 1292
39 Qdog 1291
40 MyPhillies 1288
41 BIG DON 1287
42 StreakersAnonymous 1285
43 (Al Bundy) Let's rock. 1285
44 (MP) Pops 1284
45 neallyd2 1284
46 37fenway   1283
47 To the gymnasium! 1283
49 ScarletKnights2014 1282
50 regression to the mean 1282
51 (MP2)All IneedisaMiracle 1282
52 Big win Hawks  1281
53 Fobody's Nault 1278
54 derrickjm 1278
55 Yup its me 1278
56 Paul Heyman Guy 1276
57 Penywise12345 Entry 1276
58 (MP)Chitowncity12(GH) 1275
59 SpOoLdOwN71  1275
60 soulbox_20 Entry 1275
61 BigChe2000 Entry 1275
62 (27) Streakin Sioux 1273
63 DatDudeBB 1272
64 Mayor of Awesomeville 1271
65 Senor Verde 1271
66 HAPPY NEW YEAR MPs! (MP) 1269
67 thewraithxgreenbook  1269
68  (MP) meesema moonpies 1268
69 Ells23 1268
70 rdog 11 Entry 1267
71 TheTokenSeamen 1267
72  walkertodd21 1266
73 ckoger55 Entry 1265
74 No chance 1262
75 rumball rampage 1262
76 @MikeLovesSports 1261
77 WHITEY157 1260
78 Streaker of the Year 1258
79 Alright Alright Alright! 1257
80 Win$ome 1257
81 Naptown Freeball Posse 1256
82 jmarax Entry 1256
83 bigpermbigworm 1255
84 WWID W/O SFTC? 1254
85 robertalleyn Entry 1254
86 Packers Rock 1253
87 Going Green (LH) 1253
88 WakeForest#1Fan 1251
89 danny41877 Entry 1249
90 #DMVtoUMD (MP)(JMM)(SS) 1249
91 B_Raider 1249
92 @MattyIceIL 1248
93 Yankees28  1246
94 The Pitch 1246
95 #DrSmooth 1246
96 phlash74 - MMM cha(MP)ion 1245
97 (MP)'s AreKindOfABigDeal 1245
98 clutches23 1244
99 Husky Power 23 Entry 1242
100 RyanMcAuley89 Entry 1242

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Sunday, November 30

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Perfect 27-0 Mark Takes Home $40,000

November seems to be the month of big streaks. 2013 saw over 100 W20+ streaks, including five of at least W30 and a record W34. 2014 wasn't that crazy, but we still saw over 100 W20+ streaks. The race was intense, and the stash was obviously going to fall judging by how the month was playing out. The final day saw some serious drama after a W22 ( John V. ) reeled off 4 straight wins, including a miracle TD catch by Jordy Nelson with seconds to go before halftime to keep his W24 alive (turned into a W25). After winning the next prop, (no points scored in the 3rd Quarter between the Patriots and Packers), it all came down to one last pick. Our perfect 26-0 entry was forced to pick with John needing one pick right to pass them. They both split their picks on the Heat/Knicks game. A late Bosh 3-pointer locked down the victory for Miami and gave Chris K. of Cleveland Heights, Ohio the $40,000 grand prize. By finishing a perfect 27-0, he finished ahead of four W26s. What a wild finish to what looked like an easy final day for Chris. Congrats to John as well for making one of the greatest runs we've ever seen on the final day of the month.

Congratulations Nels N. of San Carlos, Ca who held on to win the $10,000 "Most Wins" contest after collecting 134 victories. Things didn't look good after he had lost 10 of 12 with only a few to play. Leading by 1 game (after having let a large lead slip), he got a miracle TD from Aaron Rodgers to Jordy Nelson with seconds remaining in the 1st Half against New England to give him a 2-game lead. Had that catch not occurred, there would have been a tie for the most wins.

Since the Stash was reached it will reset in December and be worth $20,000, meaning if you play Streak this month you can win up to $40,000 (stash+monthly)! However, with it being the season of giving, Streak is getting rid of the W25 threshold to win the stash. You got it, longest streak wins $40,000 no matter what. So technically, if you win even one matchup in December, you qualify for the $40,000! Finally, it's almost time for our annual Christmas Day NBA Stunt. December 25 will give you a chance to win $10,000 for the longest streak that day! Thanks for playing and best of luck to all.

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