Wednesday, September 30

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Alabama Resident Makes Improbable Comeback to Win $30,000

Green Day's song "Wake Me Up When September Ends" should be changed to "Wake Me Up at 8 pm ET to See a Great Finish on Streak for the Cash". We here at Streak HQ always seem to have great finishes to each month, but September '15 will be one we remember for quite some time. Blake M.  of Albertville, Alabama found himself staring at one final pick on Wednesday, September 30 at 8 pm ET.

Let's rewind though and see how we reached this point in time shall we? September had been a pretty rough month (proven by the fact we had zero, that's right zero, W20+ streaks on the 20th of the month). A W18 was in the lead with only ten days remaining. But naturally, things picked up and Timmy S.  charged to the top of the leaderboard with a W23. His streak ended there though, but with only one day left, there was a good chance he would hang on to win the $30,000.

Meanwhile, Blake was sitting at a W18 at the start of September 29th. The three wins he managed that day was critical in setting up a chance on the last day of the month to potentially complete a great comeback. The first step on September 30th was to find a win and at least give himself a chance to make one pick for all the marbles. Blake settled on taking Manchester City to win at Borussia Monchengladbach in Champions League Group play. It almost all unraveled, as the match was tied in the 90th minute. But the Streak powers that be found a way and Manchester City earned a PK with only stoppage time remaining and netted the winner.

So we now arrive back at 8 pm ET on Wednesday, September 30th. The prop: U.S. Open Cup - Final (Sporting KC @ Philadelphia Union): Will BOTH TEAMS SCORE in the 2nd Half? (90 Min+Inj). The choices: Yes or No. Blake rolled the dice and chose "No".

Things didn't look promising after Sporting KC found the back of the net in the 65th minute, meaning our Alabama man needed to sweat it out for 25 minutes + stoppage time to see if Philadelphia would score a goal or not. The Union had multiple chances and twice the ball sailed just over the crossbar. The whistle blew and Blake had won $30,000 by winning 23 straight matchups and owning the Tiebreaker over Timmy with a better winning percentage. Congrats to both players on a great month!

The "Most Wins" contest was won by Daniel C. of Holland, PA. He easily outdistanced the competition by five games. His efforts won him $10,000!

If you achieved at least a W10 in September once again be on the lookout for an email from us over the next week or so as 100 random winners will each be awarded 100 Winner's Circle points. Those points can be used to purchase some awesome prizes here so be sure not to miss out if you're one of the lucky ones. Also, if you finished ahead of the StreakMaster in the "Beat The StreakMaster" Group be sure to check your email over the next week here to see if you are 1 of the lucky 20 to be randomly drawn to win a sweet "I Beat The StreakMaster" t-shirt. Good luck in September everyone!

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Monday, August 31

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Drama-filled August Ends With New Jersey Man Winning $30,000

Throughout the history of Streak for the Cash, certain individual streaks have stuck out more than others. August saw one of those streaks pop up where you think, "Hey, this one might actually have a chance to be an all-time great streak." And in this day and age of streak, that means $1 million is a very real possibility. Eduardo A. of Toms River, NJ showed he knew baseball better than most when he reeled off 21 consecutive straight-up MLB wins as part of his eye-popping W29.

Every veteran of Streak knows building a streak on straight up MLB games is almost impossible. Baseball is too unpredictable, and one off night by a pitcher or a team's bats just get hot on a particular day can end it all. Eduardo stared the MLB matchups right in eye and did not blink, and for that 21 straight correct MLB picks alone, he deserves an enormous amount of credit.

Eduardo's $30,000 win did not come easy though. He actually began his month going 0-2 before ripping off 29 straight victories from August 1 to August 26. But the biggest challenge came in the final 24 hours when Zach K.  of Pennsylvania made a last-ditch effort with a W28 and only one day left to make a pick. The trick was Zach only needed to reach a W29 and tie Eduardo to win the $30,000 grand prize, as his entry held a higher win percentage on the month.

The stage was set with the U.S. Open starting on August 31st, but it was a meaningless MLB game (from a playoff perspective) between the Braves and Marlins that drew the attention of us here at Streak HQ to do some scoreboard watching. Zach was rolling with the Georgia side of the Florida-Georgia Line connection, but Atlanta could muster up little offense, and the fish from Florida won with a 4-0 shutout.

Although Eduardo did not win the $1 million, a $30,000 paycheck in one month for playing free is a nice little consolation prize. Congrats to Eduardo and everyone who put together some impressive streaks in August. All in all, fans needed a W20 just to crack the top-100 on the overall leaderboard, and an insane W25 to find yourself a place in the top-10.

The "Most Wins" contest was a convincing victory by Richard L. of Boulder, CO. He amassed 128 wins in August, and held a 5-game lead heading into the final day of the month. Historically, a 5-game lead heading into the final day is basically like the victory lap on the Champs-Elysees at the Tour de France for the Yellow Jersey.

Richard's final record in August was 128-85-2 (.601), while our runner-up bagged 125 and four Streakers finished in a 4-way tie for 3rd place.

If you achieved at least a W10 in July once again be on the lookout for an email from us over the next week or so as 100 random winners will each be awarded 100 Winner's Circle points. Those points can be used to purchase some awesome prizes here so be sure not to miss out if you're one of the lucky ones. Also, if you finished ahead of the StreakMaster in the "Beat The StreakMaster" Group be sure to check your email over the next week here to see if you are 1 of the lucky 20 to be randomly drawn to win a sweet "I Beat The StreakMaster" t-shirt. Good luck in September everyone!

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Friday, July 31

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State of Illinois the Streak Champs in July; $1 Million Prize in August

The Prairie State can stand proud - both winners came from Illinois in July. Kyle P. of Troy, IL came out of the gates like American Pharoah, amassing a ridiculous W26 in a mere 11 days from July 5th through July 15th.

The talk around the water-cooler here at Streak HQ in Bristol, CT was that Kyle had a real chance to make a run at the $1 Million with the pace he had set, and in all honesty we were thrilled. The excitement that would have brought to the game would have been too cool to pass up and as the StreakMaster I wanted a front row seat. But alas, Kyle's Streak came to an abrupt halt when he lost on in-round British Open prop. For the rest of the month Kyle had to sweat out all challengers who were intent on dethroning him but in the end they all came up short. For his efforts Kyle takes home $30,000; well done sir!

If there was drama last month with the "Most Wins" race, what do we say about July? I love writing but I'm no Shakespeare - where is he when he need him to invent a new word that captures the strategy, stress and savvy that went into this effort by all three competitors? Anyways, let's just call it phenomenal. Here's the recap.

About mid-way through the month two different two-time "Most Wins" Streak legends, Tubbo's Pizza Picks and Zoop Leroy, emerged along with a player I had never before seen cross my horizon on Streak as the three favorites. They went back and forth trading spots at the top, rising and falling with the machinations of a "Game of Thrones" season complete with all the subplots that accompany any power struggle. When it came down to the final pick window Zoop Leroy had been officially eliminated and only two were left with a chance at the cash. Tubbo's Pizza Picks had the best win percentage and was therefore in the driver's seat; if his final pick won he'd be taking home the $10,000. Just like I did he played the odds and went with the slight favorite #5 Marcos Baghdatis over #2 Vasek Pospisil at the ATP Atlanta Open - his competitor made the only play he could and took Pospisil as a live dog.

Baghdatis proved why he's a tour veteran, landing a resounding 2-0 victory over the young Canadian and making Ian D. and his Tubbos Pizza Picks entry $10,000 richer in the process. Ian is now the only 3-time champion in the history of Streak and can probably call himself the greatest monthly picker of all-time, a title that I admit I'm very envious of. It's quite difficult to win even once as anyone will attest, but to do it three separate times is incredible. Well deserved Ian, you're once again the champ!

If you achieved at least a W10 in July once again be on the lookout for an email from us over the next week or so as 100 random winners will each be awarded 100 Winner's Circle points. Those points can be used to purchase some awesome prizes so be sure not to miss out if you're one of the lucky ones. Good luck in August!

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Tuesday, June 30

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W29 the Magic Number Again in June; $1 Million Prize in July

We won't have to send the $30,000 very far this month - Brian C. of Vernon, CT who lives only minutes away from ESPN's headquarters in Bristol wins the cash and keeps the crown here in the Nutmeg state (at least until July 31st)! Brian utilized patience and timing as his two greatest allies while accumulating his massive Streak, getting to a W16 way back on June 8th before systematically picking his spots as the month went on. We've seen this strategy employed before, and it's a solid one: pick with no regard at the start and then have the discipline to slow down when you feel it's wise to do so.

I really hope Brian comes back to us and declares in his interview (which can be read by clicking the "June 2015" link off to the side) that he is a grunge/metal music fan because, and stay with me here as I know it's a bit of a stretch, I see his strategy as mirroring the career arc of some of my favorite bands. Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains, Opeth, Soundgarden, Tool - they went all out with their first few albums, utilizing raw emotion to make their name and really playing with no regard. But as time went by they slowed down and their works got more complex, more calculated. Both styles got them to where they are and both are to be celebrated; their success couldn't be measured without taking both into account. Just like those bands, as time passed Brian slowed down and took a moment to reflect before proceeding. The successes that followed, both in the studio and here on Streak, can be credited to a combination of both styles. Congratulations to him from all of us here!

Oh boy, did we have drama with this monthly wins race or what? Let's give the events a recap. Heading into the evening tonight we had two entries tied at 131 wins. The two-time most wins champion chitowncity12 was one, the other was Panthers8317 who is actually Russell F. of Charlotte, NC. Russell held the higher winning percentage and was in the driver's seat with only two windows left, but that didn't stop the drama from unfolding. After forfeiting a losing pick Russell landed on Argentina to advance past Paraguay in the Copa America semifinals match; chitowncity12 had the USA over Germany in the Women's World Cup. The USA ladies advanced 2-0 and he then made his selection for the final pick of the evening, a bottom 8th in-game MLB prop.

Argentina had built a huge lead, 6-1 to be exact, deep in the 2nd half but the MLB game was moving like a freight train that was out of control. In fact, they were mid-way through the 8th Inning in only 2 hours and 10 minutes. We had a tough choice over here at Streak HQ: should we unlock an obvious win for Argentina in the 88th minute and give the player with the better winning % the advantage to be able to pick the last prop of the month or should we leave it locked, making him sweat chitowncity12's pick for all the marbles?

In the end we felt the fairest thing to do was to grant an early unlock of the 6-1 soccer game in the 88th minute, but luckily it didn't matter. Russell and chitowncity12 made different selections on the final prop and when Curtis Granderson struck out for the Mets it was all over, chitowncity12 had picked incorrectly and would have lost either way. Still, he is a fantastic Streak player and deserves to be applauded for such a great effort. Anyone who has been a monthly picker knows how hard it is to accumulate 132 wins in a single month. Congrats to Russell on taking home the $10,000 and beating out a Streak legend in the process.

If you achieved at least a W10 in June once again be on the lookout for an email from us over the next week or so as 100 random winners will each be awarded 100 Winner's Circle points. Those points can be used to purchase some awesome prizes so be sure not to miss out if you're one of the lucky ones. Good luck in July!

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Sunday, May 31

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W29 Crushes the Competition; $1 Million Up for Grabs in June

We couldn't be prouder of the fact that Streak for the Cash is officially going global! We've now had back-to-back months where a non-US resident has taken home the grand prize; in April the victory went to Canada and now in May it goes to Mexico! Alejandro G.  was making a serious run at the $1 Million dollars before the Cubs ended his streak at an impressive W29. Over the next two weeks a challenger or two rose to within striking distance but in the end this was one of the more cut and dry months we've seen in recent memory - Alejandro won by a margin of five as no one else was able to reach a W25. Congratulations to Alejandro on becoming the first ever resident of Mexico to take down the longest Streak prize! He earns a cool $30,000 for his efforts.

Just like last month, the "Most Wins" contest was chalk full of excitement and with $10,000 on line we know the two competitors battling it out were feeling the heat. Only minutes ago Dennis U. of Oxnard, CA prospect's were looking bleak. Both him and his competitor found themselves at 124 wins - Dennis had the Sounders picked and the opposition had selected the Giants. With the Sounders tied 1-1 in stoppage time and the Giants up 5-3 in the bottom of the 8th it looked like he was going to find himself a pick down with only one window left. Then some classic Streak magic happened. The Braves began to rack up infield singles before blowing the game open and tallying four runs in the top of the 9th to take a 7-5 lead. At almost the exact same time Clint Dempsey netted a beautiful goal in stoppage time to put the Sounders up 2-1! Those scores held and because Dennis had the better winning percentage and the 1-win lead the contest was over - Dennis had just gone from despair to glory in a matter of moments. Congrats to him on winning $10,000! As I'm sure he'd attest, when you play Streak you always find yourself in the middle of the action.

If you achieved at least a W10 in May be on the lookout for an email from us over the next week or so as 100 random winners will each be awarded 100 Winner's Circle points. Those points can be used to purchase some awesome prizes so be sure not to miss out if you're one of the lucky ones. Good luck in June!

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Thursday, April 30

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W28 Easily Wins $30,000; $1 Million Returns For May

It's a pretty rare occasion when a Streak for the Cash contestant can rest on the final few days of a month. April was something we here at Streak HQ haven't seen in some time when James C.  of Canada put together his W28. The W28 is not a record or anything. We've seen W28's before. But this run was fun to watch and see it stay on top despite being halted with nine days left in the month. Nobody ever got close to catching him; going against the usual narrative for the last week of a month where multiple late pushes typically show up.

James' streak began on April 7 with a victory by the Ottawa Senators. Maybe the most impressive part of his streak was when he reach W20. Historically, our contestants have played it slow once hitting a W20+ because they are in the area of what usually wins each month. But that $1 million prize for a W40 may have been the real focus of James. He made 8 picks in 5 days, including three on April 18 alone. Mind you, these picks are not designed to be easy, but James showed zero fear and kept going with the hot streak. On the morning of Arpil 22 though, his luck had finally run out. Taking Jo-Wilfried Tsonga to win 2-0 over Marcel Granollers was a gutsy pick with Tsonga's current form and Granollers clay-based game (tournament was the Barcelona Open, which is played on clay). Granollers took the 1st Set and that was the end of the fantastic run. A big congratulations goes out to such a streak, as many who have played this game for some time can tell's not easy. In fact James' run of 28 straight was immediately followed up with a loss of 8 straight. That's just how Streak for the Cash goes.

Only two other entries were really within earshot of James. A pair of W25's. However, one of them lost later that same night that James lost, while the other fell the following day. Aside from those two contestants, several W23's were next in line as the closest to snag the $30,000 prize.

The real drama was reserved for the "Most Wins" contest. Daniel G. of Malden, MA held on to win the $10,000 prize by 1 game. Heading into the five NFL Draft props on April 30, Daniel held a 1-game lead over the eventual runner-up. The pair of competitors ended up mirroring their picks and Daniel would finish with 128 in the end. Congrats on the great win goes out to him.

With May comes a new chance to find that elusive W40 for $1 million. We want to see history over here at Streak HQ, so get rested up and ready to rock this month! We've also got a great May 2nd Showdown Saturday stunt for $10,000. That's right, put together the longest streak that day alone, and take home $10k. Same rules apply for the "Longest Streak" contest and the "Most Wins" contest. So $30,000 and $10,000 will be up for grabs in those respective contests. Finally, keep an eye out over the next week or two if you achieved at least a W10 in April. 100 of you will be drawn at random to win 100 Winner's Circle points. Those points can be used to purchase items in ESPN's Winner's Circle. Thank you for your dedication to Streak and good luck in May!

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Discussion Boards Will Be Unavailable During Upgrade

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Our Discussion Boards Will Return Shortly

Effective Tuesday night, April 14th all of the Streak for the Cash discussion boards will become unavailable for an unknown amount of time while they undergo an upgrade. We know how important these chat boards are to many of our loyal fans and that's why they're being revamped - to give you a better experience while playing Streak.

We'll do everything in our power to make the transition as fast as possible but as of now we cannot give an estimated amount of time before they will be up and running again. Please direct all of your questions to @ESPNStreak; we'll be happy give you status updates and of course any announcements regarding the status of the boards will be made via that account.

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Tuesday, March 31

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W27 takes $30,000 in March; $1 Million Prize in April

One of the best parts of being the StreakMaster is getting a chance each and every month to notify the winner that they've earned a huge cash prize. Today was one of those great days as I had the pleasure of letting Robert M. know that he had locked up $30,000 for amassing a remarkable W27 in March. Robert had the patience to build those 27 straight wins from March 2nd all the way until this morning, March 31st, when an international soccer friendly finally bested him. Yes you read that correctly, his streak lasted almost the entire month! That is the definition of the so-called long haul, going about it with the utmost planning, patience and perhaps even drawing on a bit of luck along the way. After hitting his W27 a few challengers came into contention and were nipping at his heels only to fall victim to the classic strategy of being pushed to action by the leader's phantom pick. We've seen this strategy employed before, and with great success.

If you're unfamiliar here's how it works: the leader makes a pick so that it registers "pick selected" next to their name on the leaderboard, only to then switch that pick when it is about to lock to something on tomorrow's board in a continuous cycle as the days pass. Because the leaderboard only displays it as "pick selected" no one knows what their pick actually is, therein forcing the challengers to select props more quickly than otherwise desired in fear of falling too far behind the leader. Robert employed this strategy like a true pro, and when everyone else had fallen only he was left standing with his W27. If you ever find yourself in such fortuitous circumstances on Streak, perhaps consider employing a similar strategy. Congratulations to Robert on taking home a huge payday!

Another congratulations goes out to Jason B. of Creston, IA for coming up one win shy of tying the all-time record for "Most Wins" in a month with 153! This was a difficult month in terms of our prop selection, so to accomplish a feat such as this one a midst the challenges of March was pretty incredible (in our humble opinion).

Now, let's turn our sights towards April! As many of you may have noticed the props were slightly more difficult in March then they had been in previous months. In the hopes of transparency that's because we're offering a $1 Million prize for the longest streak of W40 or above for the second month in a row, and to offer such a prize we need to keep the props consistent and fair from day one until the end. That way if someone discovers Streak in the middle of the month they can play with the same relative difficulty level as someone who started from the beginning, therein keeping the playing field fair and level. So as much as we'd love to put one on the board, unfortunately there won't be any "free greens" this month - we're simply not allowed. And despite that slight bit of bad news, we're hoping the $1 Million offering should keep everyone sufficiently challenged and satisfied in April. Good luck!

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