Saturday, April 30

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Ties, Draws, and a Boxing Decision for the Ages

After a record breaking March where we saw multiple Streaks of W40 and above, everyone's success came back to earth in April. In the new and improved 2016 Streak gameplay we've really opened up the board, peppering each day with props that are generous odds wise in the hopes of simply making everything more fun. And even with the big odds on our side it was still hard to get a W10 going! Brad F.  of Wolcottville, IN managed to find a way though, breaking through the ranks with a W28 that he amassed through his patient and savvy picking. His Streak began on April 1st; it ended April 30th. If that isn't a tutorial in patience, find me what is. And with a record of 28-0 and no one within reach on the active leaderboard heading into the final day of the month Brad was able to take a free shot at the extra $10,000 stash.

He elected to take the early morning Premier League prop that none of the 5 matches at 10 am ET would have 5+ Goals scored, and everything was looking good until the sometimes beloved but often dreaded "Streak Classic" struck. Soon to be relegated Aston Villa had a 2-1 lead in the 2nd Half but was on a red card, and in true Aston Villa 2015-2016 form they opened the floodgates to Watford in stoppage time. Not one but two goals poured in in a matter of two and half minutes, ending Brad's Streak and a chance at the extra $10,000. Nevertheless he still takes home $25,000 via a tiebreaker for a great effort in April - not a bad consolation prize!

The "Most Wins" contest was controversial to say the least, and to be quite honest I feel bad about the fact that a decision that is so clearly steeped in corruption had to effect our great contest. But that's the sport of boxing and we all have to live with what is out of our control. And that shouldn't take away from Donald J.'s immaculate victory who battled all day on Saturday to remain tied with the former leader heading into the final prop of the month. Luke, the competitor, decided to get crafty and select Badou Jack to win by decision, a side that was only being picked by 8% of streakers despite being -120 in Vegas, thinking that Donald would be taking the lesser picked side in hopes of picking something opposite and jumping him. And yet, Donald out-thought Luke and won the first of the two crucial battles - they were now locked in on different sides and the winner would take home $5,000.

Anyone who watched the fight saw the champion Jack work Bute over round after round, probably winning eight of the first ten based on the judges scorecards that were circulating around the internet and the unofficial @SHOStats twitter account which is always a credible source for in-match scorecards. Bute fought back in the final two rounds and showed a lot of heart, but when it came time for the announcement it couldn't be more clear that Jack was going to retain his title. But this is boxing, and nothing is ever as it seems unfortunately. Two judges scored the bout 114-114 and thus it went down as a quite rare majority draw which begrudgingly I was forced to score as "Any Other Result" based on the official boxing rules. As our ESPN colleague Mike P. would say, "it is what it is", and although Donald won a controversial decision he should be commended for grinding it out all month to reach 140 wins and for outsmarting the competition by getting his opponent to pick opposite him on the last prop of the month, keeping him alive. Congrats to Donald!

The Streak Stash was not won so we will tack on another $10,000, meaning if you win the month of May with at least a W30 you'll take home $45,000! And, as always if you finished ahead of me, the StreakMaster, in the "Beat The StreakMaster" Group be sure to check your email over the next week here to see if you are 1 of the lucky 20 to be randomly drawn to win an awesome "I Beat The StreakMaster" t-shirt.

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Thursday, March 31

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Record-Breaking Month of March Leads to Big Jackpot

There's really no great place to start when telling the tale of Streak for the Cash March '16. A month where madness is common, we saw both the record longest win streak and most wins fall by a sizeable margin. To put it into perspective on how wild this month was, you needed a W29 to crack the Top-100 leaderboard. The old record of W35 (set in February '16) was smashed, as 17 Streakers beat it. In the end though, two stood atop the final leaderboard with a record W45 streak. Only one could win the $55,000 grand prize though. The scary part was, both entered the final day with the exact same record, so if it finished that way, it would've gone to a random drawing as the third tiebreaker. It didn't come to that though after $$$ Entry lost right away in the morning after India blew what looked to be a sure-fire win in cricket against West Indies. With that loss Josh A.  of St. George, UT held the higher win % (Tiebreaker 1) and didn't have to pick again. He made a pick on the final prop of the month to own the outright longest streak record, but lost. Although it didn't matter because the $55,000 was already clinched.

This month may have been light on the odds, with multiple heavy favorites, but the race was even more intense than normal. Just with higher streaks. It was also one of the few months the heavy favorites didn't fall victim to the upset bug, which usually wipes out the entire leaderboard at least a couple of times each month. So congrats to everyone for a fantastic month to follow!

The "Most Wins" contest down the wire as usual, but the way it was won (or lost you could say) was quite the scene. Harrison C., of Eureka, MO finished with a record 158 wins in March, and managed to out duel Ozmjk Entryafter the latter went on an untimely L6 over the final 24 hours to open the door just enough for Harrison to win by 1. Congrats to Harrison on his $5,000 winnings!

The Streak Stash was won, so it will reset to $10,000. Meaning if you win the month of April with at least a W30, you'll take home a slick $35,000! And, as always if you finished ahead of me, the StreakMaster, in the "Beat The StreakMaster" Group be sure to check your email over the next week here to see if you are 1 of the lucky 20 to be randomly drawn to win an awesome "I Beat The StreakMaster" t-shirt.

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Monday, February 29

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New Yorker Wins $25,000 in February

Congratulations to Tom C.  of Endicott, NY who put together a fantastic run of 29 wins in a row before coming up one short of taking down the ultimate prize of $45,000. In a strategy I figured would become fairly uncommon in this new "no holds barred" era of Streak where creating matchups based on odds are less important than what will be exciting for our users, the NHL in general does not offer a lot of value. Most of the games on any given night find the favored team at less than -200, or in other words with less than a 66.6% chance of winning. In other sports (such as NCB and NBA) we're often now putting up -300 and -400 favorites straight up, so I figured that would be the path most people would target to build their long streaks. And yet 14 of Tom's 29 wins came from NHL games, making his accomplishment even that more remarkable. I can't even imagine how long it would take me to pick 14 NHL moneylines correct in a row...probably too long to count. But Tom did it! And unfortunately just as he had one foot across the threshold to securing the $45,000 prize Duke couldn't get a road win at Pittsburgh, leaving him one win why. Still, he takes home $25,000 for a job very well done!

The "Most Wins" contest was back to a nail biter after last month's runaway victory, this time pitting a brand new competitor on the scene with a seasoned veteran Crazyjay999, a 2-time former champion who has won some serious cash playing Streak. In the end the cagey vet couldn't outwit this savvy streaker as Dave N. of Ontario Canada took home the $5,000 with 138 wins, just one clear of the competition.

The Streak Stash is up to $30,000 in March, meaning if you win the month with at least a W30 you'll take home a cool $55,000! And, as always if you finished ahead of me, the StreakMaster, in the "Beat The StreakMaster" Group be sure to check your email over the next week here to see if you are 1 of the lucky 20 to be randomly drawn to win an awesome "I Beat The StreakMaster" t-shirt.

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Sunday, January 31

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Final Pick of January Wins $25,000 for New Jersey Resident

2016 started off even better than we could've expected at Streak HQ. To put it in perspective, in order to crack the Top-100 leaderboard, you needed at least a W21. Let that sink in for a moment! In a way, you could say there were multiple winners with the amount of success we saw from our dedicated fan base in January. In the end though Drew S.  of Matawan, NJ was the ultimate winner after making a last-minute charge to overtake the field with his impressive W29.

Rewind back to the first week of January though. We were on a record pace for overall win % with the masses racking up a win percentage surpassing .650 (simply unheard of). Like the scene out of "Jerry Maguire," Streakers across the nation had to be yelling, "Show me the money!" It was nothing but green as we continued along into the second week of the New Year.

We saw big streak rise and fall as we approached the final week of the month. We settled on a pair of W28's who had gone neck and neck before bowing out at the same time. However, one entry was sitting well with the better win % (Tiebreaker #1), so unless somebody could make a late run or somehow, the win % switched hands, we knew who our winner would be. That's exactly when Drew stepped in. He sat at a W20 with six days remaining, and didn't hold the higher win %, so nine wins in six days was the target. Drew played it slow, making a single pick on the 27th, 28th and 29th. Getting them all right was great, but he now needed six more in only 2 days. Not an easy task. Three more victories on January 30th set up a frantic finish to try and steal the $25,000 and maybe the extra $10,000 Streak Stash with a W30. Interestingly, he passed up a freebie with Novak Djokovic straight up vs. Andy Murray in the Australian Open Final. He opted for Boston U. to win at home vs. Lehigh in college hoops, and it all looked hopeless after Lehigh led by 3 with under 20 seconds left. BU got an and-1 to somehow tie it up. But it got better. Lehigh turned the ball over and with 2 seconds left, BU nailed the bucket at the buzzer to win. Drew would win with the Clippers next to set up a final pick for $25,000. His choice?... Wisconsin over Illinois in college hoops. The Badgers came through on the final pick of January to win him the cash.

The "Most Wins" contest was a runaway win during the final week. Matt R. became just the third person to hit 150 wins in a month (his 150 wins is third best all-time). For his brilliant month, he takes home $5,000!.

The Streak Stash is now worth $20,000 in February! Win the month and have that streak be at least W30, and you'll cash in with $45,000 (Monthly + Stash)! If you finished ahead of the StreakMaster in the "Beat The StreakMaster" Group be sure to check your email over the next week here to see if you are 1 of the lucky 20 to be randomly drawn to win an awesome "I Beat The StreakMaster" t-shirt.

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Most Streak Wins in 2015 List

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Rank Entry Name Total Wins in 20154
1 Chimenti33 1478
2 (27) 1472
3 1469
4 (TTFG) #1 Group 4 Life 1465
5 (MP) Groovy UV (27) 1465
6 linemover80 Entry 1443
7 (IS3,SS)The Red Caribou 1422
8 WEAS For The CashE 1420
9 (MP) Crazyjay999 (27) 1405
10 RacerTK 1396
11 (MP)All I needisa Miracle 1395
12 Frey 1395
13 ADTheBrow23 Entry 1394
14 myers_j_714 Entry 1392
15 ETown 1380
16 (MP) Sd1632 (GH) 1378
17 Greg E. Fresh 1374
18 (MP) WhatWouldFloDo? 1371
19 Me 1371
20 Senor Verde 1366
21 Chitown 1365
22 UConnBuffalo 1364
23 cbartok20 1363
24 8/14/2015 1356
25 FargoSlim 1354
26 jofrko14 1353
29 T swifts x boyfriends 1342
30 Megacool70 1339
31 jkbobo23 Entry 1335
32 MyPhillies 1335
33 (TDS) Same As It Ever Was 1334
34 jaymc46 Entry 1332
35 Say1or [Tanks] 1331
36 Sponsored by Matty Iceud 1331
37 Steelygav 1330
38 Lwil2435 1330
39 BigChe2000 Entry 1330
40 (TTFG)Whitey 1330
42 Streaking Only in 2016 1327
43 VANDAL (MP) 1327
44 WakeForest#1Fan 1324
45 (MP) Pops 1324
46 Go Crew Go 28 1324
47 AlrightAlrightAlright! 1322
48 Motown1Pride 1322
49 (MP) Serby The Greek 1319
50 BIG DON 1319
51 derrickjm 1319
52 Olen_24 1318
53 Prescott Is Streaking 1317
54 (TDS) asu still classless 1316
55 thewraithxgreenbook 1316
56 (A.S.) Mr. Mime (M.P.) 1313
57 Wahoowa 1311
58 tarheels44226250 Ent 1309
59 7 1 8 1308
60 Fobody's Nault 1307
61 zemke entry 1307
62 The Pitch 1306
63 DatDudeBB 1304
64 kennethdube entry 1303
65 Tom Brady's Husband 1302
66 ScarletKnights2016P) 1302
67 (27)(MP) Pig 1302
68 regression to the mean 1302
69 Gatorbait 1301
71 UrbanMeyerIsALiar 1300
72 soulbox_20 Entry 1298
73 BrewCrewFan 1298
74 MARKS4949 Entry 1297
75 Qdog 1297
76 WastingTimeOnSFTC 1296
77 rwreifstec Entry 1294
78 ckoger55 1293
79 cbett02 Entry 1293
80 Just Call Me Streaky 1293
81 Jack Squat 1291
82 this gm really sucks 1289
84 Vega's STREAKEN 1286
85 Win$ome 1286
86 (27)Stop it 1285
87 RUSH for GREENS 1282
88 Trust Jesus, He's The Way 1282
89 Rhea1931 Entry 1282
90 sabres369 EntryS) 1281
91 eagleeye189 1281
92 (AS) Let's Go Islanders 1280
93 Jesus Saves 1280
94 (TDS) ChArM CiTy FaM 1279
95 Bay Farm 1279
96 spaggit Entryon 1279
97 (MP) StuporSaiyan624 (LH) 1278
98 msarnold678 Entry 1278
99 juggaloroselle Entry 1278
100 240455 Entry 1278

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Thursday, December 31

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California Resident Makes Fearless Picks to Win $30,000

We end the $1 Million chase in 2015 the way we started, with a Streaker making a charge without regard for anything else to grab that elusive W40. Calvin N.  of San Jose, CA put together a remarkable run to pull away from the competition and assure himself of $30,000. But it was obvious Calvin had more in mind...

The month was pretty rough for big streaks, as we made it over halfway through without anyone reaching even a W20. Finally, we had a few fans break through that elusive W20 barrier, and once that happened, a cascade of challengers rose up the leader board quickly. Hidden among those competitors was Calvin. His eventual W27 started on December 1st, but it took him until December 13th to reach a W15. A nice, methodical run was working, as he would go on to collect a pair of victories in the next 24 hours to reach W17. For some reason, nothing appealed to our eventual winner over the next four days (only picked two during that stretch). We had now reached December 19th and the time to move was now. But it wasn't just that Calvin started picking at a much more rapid pace, it was WHAT he was picking. On December 19th, he chose three straight 50/50 props, including a road underdog in college hoops! Somehow, he nailed all three of them. Luck was on his side and he kept pushing it, taking the road underdog Atlanta Falcons to win at Jacksonville and road underdog Detroit to win at New Orleans. He got them both, along with Carson Palmer recording 163 pass yds BUT NO TDs in the 1st Half. His next two picks were also underdogs, as Akron was a 7.5-point dog to Utah State in the Potato Bowl (prop was Akron points from FGs vs. Utah State Winning Margin) and Boise State to win by double digits was a slight underdog with them being favored by 9.

It was official, we had a guy on a serious heater and making a mad dash at the $1 Million! It was awesome to watch, and we were pulling for him because not since the first month of the $1 Million offer had we seen someone really go after the W40. Calvin was going for it though with the picks he was making, and how quickly he was making them. His incredible run finally ended when the Lakers were blown out by the Thunder on Christmas Eve, 120-85 (needed Lakers to lose by less than 15). It was a well-earned and deserved $30,000 for the fearless man from California. A big round of applause echoed through Streak HQ when the streak ended because quite frankly, he deserved it. It was fun to watch unfold. So congrats to Calvin on his big victory!

The "Most Wins" contest was intense all the way until the bitter end. With a pair of pickers sitting at 131 wins apiece, it came down to the final pick for each of the year. Both fans won their respective NHL picks to finish tied at 132 wins, but Stephen W. won via Tiebreaker #1 (Higher Win %). For his efforts he'll take a check from Streak for the Cash worth $10,000!.

Another year has come and gone on Streak for the Cash. Gone is the chase for the $1 Million in 2016, but returning is the popular Streak Stash! If you finished ahead of the StreakMaster in the "Beat The StreakMaster" Group be sure to check your email over the next week here to see if you are 1 of the lucky 20 to be randomly drawn to win an awesome "I Beat The StreakMaster" t-shirt. Be sure to start your streak in 2016 with our "Free Win" prop and get your friends and family in on the action. It's free and this year we have a feeling will see some of the highest streak we've ever had. Please be safe and have a Happy New Year!

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Monday, November 30

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Minnesota Resident Wins $30,000 via a Tiebreaker

After a year of nothing shy of a W26 competing for the cash Streak has come back to the mean; for the third straight month a W23 has taken down the $30,000 prize. Brady H.  of Chanhassen, Minnesota is now the champ, putting together a run that culminated with the Patriots ending his streak in an overtime classic that will be remembered well into the offseason.

No one could fault him for the pick - he had the tiebreaker in hand with a win percentage above .800, the Patriots were on a roll and were the moneyline favorites in Vegas. And despite the loss he still looked to be in great shape, especially after Michigan eeked out a double digit win over Providence to end the night, thus eliminating one of his only two remaining competitors. With only potential usurper left to overtake his throne it was going to be a tough task indeed - 5 straight wins of the possible 6 windows we offered today to reach a W24. Sure enough, in typical Russian Premier League fashion (I can hear the cries of the monthly pickers yelling "rigged" as I write this) a 93rd minute goal came down in stoppage time and eliminated the last of Brady's competition, thus securing him the $30,000. Congratulations to him from everyone here at Streak!

I'm pleased to announce that we now have a Streak legend amongst us: the "Most Wins" contest was won by Ian D. of Highland Park, IL for the fourth time since 2008 and the third time in 2015. Ian is on a tear to say the least and in my opinion no one can question his place in the history of our game: until someone matches his four separate wins he is the greatest monthly player of all-time. For his efforts he'll take a check from Streak for the Cash worth $10,000 to the bank once again, this time right before the holidays.

The $1 Million prize is officially ending at the end of the year regardless if it's won or not so December will be the last month to take home the biggest check ever awarded on Streak. And, if you finished ahead of the StreakMaster in the "Beat The StreakMaster" Group be sure to check your email over the next week here to see if you are 1 of the lucky 20 to be randomly drawn to win an awesome "I Beat The StreakMaster" t-shirt. The final stunt day of the year will be on Christmas Day with nothing but NBA props for a cool $10,000 so mark those calendars!

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Saturday, October 31

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New Jersey Resident Edges Out Competition to Win $30,000 on Halloween

Happy Halloween everyone! Many fables and traditions come to mind when thinking about October but to me, this month was defined by a well-known yet unlikely tale: The Aesop's Fable "The Tortoise and the Hare". As John T.  of Oakland, New Jersey was methodically building a streak that began on October 2nd he witnessed dozens of competitors zoom past him on the leaderboard. In fact, he was moving so slow that for most of the month his Streak wasn't long enough to even be showcased amongst the active leaders. And yet, John remained patient.

By October 18th the top Streak was a W22 in what must have seemed like a mark that was starting to become unattainable with only a W12 in his pocket. But John kept his pace, sometimes taking multiple days off in a row to find that perfect spot to strike. By October 27th he had an active W22 and a win percentage of .917 to help him with any tiebreaking scenarios, none of which ended up being necessary after the 5 point favorite Penn State Nittany Lions oblitered Illinois 39-0 earlier today. And once again a tale that's thousands of years old rings true: the resolve and patience of the tortoise outlasts the speed of the hare.

I could've compared John's Streak to a Michael Myers-esque spree of picking off his opponents one by one but hey, it seemed a bit morbid even for Halloween, so Aesop it is. And I can't say for sure, but I'm guessing that when we interview John he'll confirm our suspicions that the $1,000,000 prize was never his goal. And that's ok, because he had a game plan and went after it the only way that seemed to work. He takes home $30,000 for his efforts - well done John!

The "Most Wins" contest was won by Marc F. of Hanapepe, Hawaii. I'm having a hard time putting into words how impressive this is. To put the achievement into context, I believe that I had a great month picking on the StreakMaster account, getting 118 wins and finishing near the top of the leaderboard. And Marc crushed me picking from Hawaii - six time zones behind the East Coast. That means as myself and many of you are making our third and fourth picks of the day in the middle of the afternoon Marc hasn't even gotten to work yet if he clocks a 9-5. Many alarms and a whole lot of dedication later he takes home $10,000! We'd like to note also that Marc is a repeat winner; he achieved the "Most Wins" mark back in June of 2010 as well and has now established himself as an elite Streak player.

If you finished ahead of the StreakMaster in the "Beat The StreakMaster" Group be sure to check your email over the next week here to see if you are 1 of the lucky 20 to be randomly drawn to win an awesome "I Beat The StreakMaster" t-shirt. One last thing: we're having a pro-football themed Stunt Day on Sunday, November 15th for $10,000 sponsored by McDonalds!

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