Stash falls in August; Two $10,000 Stunt days Sept. 6th and 7th

Congrats to our unofficial August winner, 29-year old Fernando A. whose FTAJR31 Entry racked up a W28, becoming the first person to win the Stash since March of 2014. Fernando unofficially takes home $120,000 for his efforts (the most money Streak has awarded this year to anyone)! The "Most Wins" contest yet again came down to the final prop of the month as TheAlmightyDragon picked the Baylor 1st Half over and took home a $10,000 payday by a lone win as the Bears decimated SMU's defense. Please follow our twitter account @ESPNStreak to stay updated and don't forget to check out our Game Blog for a more in-depth August recap.

Buckle up next weekend and be prepared to get your Streak on - we're running back-to-back Stunt days for $10,000 a piece on September 6th and 7th focused on the 2nd week of college football and the first NFL Sunday! The longest streak each day will win the $10k prize so best of luck to all! Also, the Stash will reset in September and be worth $20,000, so if you play Streak this month you can win $60,000 (stash+monthly+stunts). Thank you for your dedication to Streak!

Welcome to Streak! Choose one matchup from the list below to start your streak!
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International Friendly: What will be the match result? (90 Min+Inj)
12:00 PM
Lithuania: Win or Draw190.7%
 @ Moldova: Win19.3%
International Friendly (London): What will be the match result? (90 Min+Inj)
2:45 PM
Nigeria: Win or Draw26.1%
 Italy: Win293.9%
NCB (UNC-Asheville @ #4 Duke): What will be the GAME RESULT?
7:02 PM
#4 Duke: Wins By 30+ Points3669.1%
 Any Other Result030.9%
NCB (UNC-Asheville @ #4 Duke): How many POINTS will Jabari Parker (DUKE) SCORE in the 1st Half?
7:02 PM
 12 Points or Fewer020.7%
13 Points or More1479.3%
NHL: Who will WIN this matchup?
7:05 PM
Boston Bruins (13-6-1)498.4%
 @ Carolina Hurricanes (8-9-4)11.6%
NBA: Who will WIN this matchup?
7:35 PM
Portland Trail Blazers (9-2)10884.7%
 @ Brooklyn Nets (3-7)9815.3%
NHL: Who will WIN this matchup?
7:40 PM
 Anaheim Ducks (15-6-2)119.5%
@ Pittsburgh Penguins (13-8-0)380.5%
MNF: Who will WIN this matchup?
8:38 PM
 New England Patriots (7-2)2067.8%
@ Carolina Panthers (6-3)2432.2%
MNF (Patriots @ Panthers): Which QB will be the FIRST to record a TD in the 1st Half?
8:38 PM
 Tom Brady (NE)059.3%
Cam Newton (CAR) or Neither records a 1H TD140.7%
Submitted by ___CP3___
NCB: What will be the GAME RESULT?
9:06 PM
Texas Southern: Wins or Single Digit Loss97.1%
 @ Texas Tech: Wins By Double Digits092.9%
MNF (Patriots @ Panthers): How many TOUCHDOWNS will be SCORED in the 2nd Half? (No OT)
10:08 PM
 2 or 3 TDs076.1%
Any Other Number423.9%
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How to Play

1. Predict the winner of ONE of the listed matchups.

2. Once the matchup is final you can select the winner of a matchup that hasn't started yet.

3. Build the longest winning streak each month or the most correct picks each month and win.

4. New "Forfeit" feature allows you to intentionally take a loss and make your next pick.

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Monthly Winner

28 in a row for $120,000!
Congrats to Fernando Arnesto of Fair Lawn, NJ whose 28 straight wins in August won him $120,000!
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